Welger RC 650 & RC 655 - Concentrated power using minimal space!

The economical processing of recycling materials is where our machines shine. This can be carried out simply and effectively by compacting materials at the ”point of accumulation” of the material.  It is in these areas that our compact and mobile roll compactors work very well saving space and time.

With the RC 650 & RC 655 series, Welger has developed the latest generation of roll compactors in the familiar comfort levels. In both models the operating principle of the roll compactor has been redesigned with both the drive and the base frame receiving robust updates.

Special features of the Welger RC series:

  • Stable, reinforced base frame
  • Powerful 3 kW motor and reinforced roller chains
  • Both press belts are a 3-layer design
  • Direct drive reinforced swing basket
  • improved guidance of the swivel belt over 4 rollers
  • improved accessibility through side doors and rear wall for cleaning, preventative maintenance and replacement of binding material

The RC 655 also has easy operation via a digital touch-display with a fully automatic setting and adjustable bale diameter.

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RC 655 Display