About us

Welger Recycling Engineering GmbH has been providing unique products and services to the market for more than 40 years. Originally founded under Welger GmbH, a leading manufacturer of agricultural balers and wrappers, today we are an independent company selling stationary compaction and disposal systems worldwide.

Up to now we have been generating synergy effects based on our history. Components, assemblies and patented detailed solutions have been produced over a 100.000 times and were proved under extreme working conditions.

Many companies face a growing demand for better solutions. This includes recycling. We have established ourselves as a niche player providing customized solutions for our client’s individual needs. Contacting us early in the concept phase will allow us to leverage our years of experience helping you to design a world class recycling system.

From the start Welger Recycling Engineering GmbH has held a different philosophy on recycling. Our vision is to increase the value of recycled materials through a decentralized solution which sorts and compacts by material type. Furthermore, our philosophy is to optimize internal logistics and work processes on site. Our systems are typically integrated in the value generating processes and are fully automated. If requested, the tying and bale discharge processes can also be automated.

We have an extensive list of references. We are very pleased to have customers in a number of industries ranging from automotive to distribution centers and logistic companies to furniture, paper and the food and beverage industries. We also serve a number of medium and small sized companies.


Our company is run by an experienced and responsible management. It is our ambition to exceed your expectations and requirements!


Our highly qualified staff are constantly evolving to meet your needs and to provide you with quality products.  Many of our team members have been with Welger for 25 years or more.

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