Functionality Welger RC 650 & RC 655

The Welger Roll Compactors are the big brothers of the Welger RV series. They compact a more diverse group of recycled materials. Stronger and thicker re-expanding materials can be reduced as much as 10% of their original volume. High user-friendliness, high safety standards and improved handling are the key features of the new Welger RC's. Maintenance and service can be carried out easily. Each area of the machine can be quickly reached thanks to doors and flaps with integrated safety shutdown.

The Welger Roll Compactors are equipped with the worldwide proven and optimized Welger system of roll compaction. Material intake and compaction are carried out by grooved pyramid profile and reinforced special conveyor belts. Re-expansion of the material is not possible in the rolling chamber even when the baler is idle. After reaching the bale diameter (adjustable with the RC 655) binding and bale ejection are semi-automatic. With the RC 655, this happens automatically.

Schematic representation of Welger RC series


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