Welger RV 641 & RV 642 - The base for an intelligent waste management!

Due to their compact and mobile design, the Welger Waste Rollers can be integrated into operational processes at almost every location where recycling materials accumulate. Welger Waste Rollers compact films, super sacks, cardboard packages, plastic strapping bands, paper strips, foam packaging and many other special materials for recycling or disposal. The Welger Waste Rollers compact flexible materials by rolling it into round bales. The compaction technology never allows the material to re-expand at any point in the baling cycle. 

With our RV641 and RV642 models we can offer you two machines with different levels of automation that incorporate the highest in health and safety standards.

Welger RV 641

Special features of the Welger RV series:

  • Caster wheels for portability 
  • Adjustable operating time
  • Bale and operating hours counter
  • Continuous level indicator and acoustic full notification
  • Electronically operated bale ejection
  • quick binding and ejection of the bales (about 15 seconds per bale)
  • high throughput of up to 12 bales per hour with a bale weight of up to 30 kilos.

The Welger RV 642 combines the advantages of the RV 641 with a unique level of user-friendliness. Thanks to the automatic bale ejection and binder separation, the 3-stage adjustable bale diameter, the additional flashing light and the simple operation, it is possible to compact valuable materials efficiently and easily. The automatic shutdown and overload protection also guarantee maximum operational safety.

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